Flavor: Cheese
Topping: Cheese
Sarah baked and made this sweet2 muchie cupcakes for Talha with lot's of love and patience
Celebrating Talha birthday and their anniversary..
It's five years and counting hoho how sweet ;)
Semoga Bahagia hingga bila2.. :)
From sister to her brother and sister
Baya ordered this cute cuppies during Chinese New Year
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate topping sure will make them drooling.. :)

Also from sister to her beloved sister and brother

Happy 20th birthday Hakim and Happy 12th birthday Hanie


Ina ordered our cupcakes just for makan2..

Lots of flowers show how girlish the person is :)


Happy 25th birthday Ecot..

From Baya with love :))

From Rohana to his pakwe I think..

It was his birthday and she gave him AC MILAN cuppies as he is a fan of it..

Happy Birthday!! Hope you like it :)

For those who like to taste our cuppies, we also make cupcakes without topping. The price for our cupcakes without filling and topping is listed below:
12 cupcakes : RM14
16 cupcakes: RM18
25 cupcakes: RM25

Kak Su gave her adek cupcakes!

Butterflies, flowers rainbows, pinkish, colours..

Oh it's like a fairytale..

Sooo beautiful ;)

Ina ordered our cuppies for makan-makan

Girlish theme as she wished..

Flavor: Vanilla
Filling: Chocolate chip
Topping: Edible picture + Chocolate ganache + Butter cream

Hepi 24th Bufday Haja!!

Thanks, Huda 4 giving us the opportunity to decorate this cute cuppies to U :)

* Flavor: Chocolate moist
Filling: Chocolate chip
Topping: Cheese + Chocolate ganache

Carrot cake with cream cheese topping

GIRLS!!! Here the girlish theme decoration. Don't say you are girls or women if your eyes not blink blink when you see $$, handbags, lipsticks or heart. Also don't forget the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. I have no idea what to say for this post. So why don't you be the judge, give some comments and idea about the decorations. Anyone interested with this theme, hurry up put your order here now!..

This time we did vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate garnache topping, playing with icing to make the decoration. Haha we call this time baking as free style cupcakes because the decoration is like "sukati korangla nak lukis ape pon, janji cantek!"

Howh yeah!! Look this is our very first cuppies. We did vanilla chocolate chips with chocolate ganache topping. Basically the cakes taste so yummy. But of course it a MUST! for the deco to be improved. But can't you see the cuppies are still cute? Right? Right? Ahaha.. This deco is suitable for your brother, sister but please don't ask us to make this deco for your mom or your nenek if not sure we are rejected to be her daughter-in-law meh.. Ahaha. Again I'm sure your little kid or brother or sister or your cute friends will love this cupcakes overall.