A friend of Dr. Tutty will be leaving Malaysia for the UK..

Have a nice trip ;)!
Liverpool-you'll never walk alone- theme
Ordered by Dr. Tutty for her beloved brother Don for his birthday..

It's easier to send some messages by the cupcakes without hurting their heart and feelings..
Don, see your sister said that Smoking is NOT GOOD for your health ;)
Not good at all Don.. Sorry but we are in Dr Tutty's team.. :)

Note for the engineers...

We know it's not easy to build a building.. to invent a car.. and to make some machines.
A lot of work always steal your time but DON'T FORGET there is a football match show tonite!! :)
As we appreciate the buildings, the cars and the machines you invented..
Here are the cupcakes for you..
Happy working Mr. Engineer.. You look so smart with your tie (^-^)

There are so many ways to apprecite somebody..
One way to give your thank you note is by giving them the note on the cupcakes..
You will find the smiles not only in their face, but also in their tummies.. :)))
Cupcakes complete the moment.. Yeah!!

Flowers, handbag, love.. it's really a girl thing..
So cute!