A friend of Dr. Tutty will be leaving Malaysia for the UK..

Have a nice trip ;)!
Liverpool-you'll never walk alone- theme
Ordered by Dr. Tutty for her beloved brother Don for his birthday..

It's easier to send some messages by the cupcakes without hurting their heart and feelings..
Don, see your sister said that Smoking is NOT GOOD for your health ;)
Not good at all Don.. Sorry but we are in Dr Tutty's team.. :)

Note for the engineers...

We know it's not easy to build a building.. to invent a car.. and to make some machines.
A lot of work always steal your time but DON'T FORGET there is a football match show tonite!! :)
As we appreciate the buildings, the cars and the machines you invented..
Here are the cupcakes for you..
Happy working Mr. Engineer.. You look so smart with your tie (^-^)

There are so many ways to apprecite somebody..
One way to give your thank you note is by giving them the note on the cupcakes..
You will find the smiles not only in their face, but also in their tummies.. :)))
Cupcakes complete the moment.. Yeah!!

Flowers, handbag, love.. it's really a girl thing..
So cute!

Along is 7 months pregnant mommy..
So she invited her friends for baby shower party and order this box of cupcakes..
Everybody was saying "Ala sayangnya nak makan coz the cupcakes are too cute"
Then I said "If you all tak makan lagi sayang tau"
I was a bit nervous when they try the cupcakes..
Luckily everybody said sedapnya, sedapnya.. Haha lega you!

Chocolate is everywhere....
And everybody loves chocolate..

Cupcakes ordered by our customer (choc moist + choc ganache)

And because of our chocolate cupcakes..
Everybody loves each other..
As Zana's wedding theme colour was turqoise..
We made blue and little pink flower cupcakes to suit with the theme..
The preparation was made by lots of excitement as Zana was our coursemate in the university..
Be a good wife our sweetie dalink :)

The preparation...

Those beautiful cupcakes
Complete the wonderful wedding day

Those who are getting married..
Lets order our cuppies!!

Farmvillee theme ordered by Dr. Tutty again..
We did it as beautiful as we can do..
Hope everybody like it..

Order from our customer to her husband
Simple but nice ;)

The first order from Dr. Tutty..
At the first time we didn't know if she is a lecturer from UKM..
After we met then she gave us her card and oh..oh.. OMG!.. lecturer UKM rupanya ;)
"Mbah" is a javanese word for nenek @ grandmother.. As Mbah Putri loves the plants so we decorated this cupcakes with lot's of flowers and trees.

Sweety ;)

Kmar earlier took picture with the cuppies

Happy Birthday Syed!!..

It's CHELSEA theme coz Syed is a fan of the club..

Ordered by his beloved fiancee Fieda.. Syed looked so happy when he saw the cuppies..

The grass is awesome, the Chelsea team logo was made with patience by Sarah..

Sorry for huruf2, I'm just came back from wall climbing trial and my hand was so ketar.. Thanks God everybody loved it..

Our customer ordered the cupcakes for his sister to celebrate her very success in SPM..
12A you!!.. Congratulations Atikah.. Am too very proud of you..
Chocolate, cheese and fondant decorations ohh no I'm drooling just by looking at the picture!!..
Kak Aishah wants something pale..
Light green and pink buttercream..

Good students always remember their teacher..
And it's a good feeling to know that your students are appreciating you ;)
A class, a workplace, a home must be very pleasant and enjoyable when everybody shower each of them with love..
And one way to show your love is..... jeng jeng jeng!!
"buy cupcakes from us and show them how much you love them"

(THEME : classroom, education)

It's our fondant decoration..
More dcorations will come..
We decide to make this decoration for Zana's wedding (the colors might be changed as Zana's wedding theme is turqoise)..
So what say you? Menarik??
It's a big order and hope we manage to do it without any problem..
*it's a trial, the cupcakes for Zana will be smaller than this and not using this cup
So for those who like to try our cuppies with fondant decoration..
Let's quickly give us a call!!

Flavor: Cheese
Topping: Cheese
Sarah baked and made this sweet2 muchie cupcakes for Talha with lot's of love and patience
Celebrating Talha birthday and their anniversary..
It's five years and counting hoho how sweet ;)
Semoga Bahagia hingga bila2.. :)
From sister to her brother and sister
Baya ordered this cute cuppies during Chinese New Year
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate topping sure will make them drooling.. :)

Also from sister to her beloved sister and brother

Happy 20th birthday Hakim and Happy 12th birthday Hanie


Ina ordered our cupcakes just for makan2..

Lots of flowers show how girlish the person is :)


Happy 25th birthday Ecot..

From Baya with love :))

From Rohana to his pakwe I think..

It was his birthday and she gave him AC MILAN cuppies as he is a fan of it..

Happy Birthday!! Hope you like it :)

For those who like to taste our cuppies, we also make cupcakes without topping. The price for our cupcakes without filling and topping is listed below:
12 cupcakes : RM14
16 cupcakes: RM18
25 cupcakes: RM25

Kak Su gave her adek cupcakes!

Butterflies, flowers rainbows, pinkish, colours..

Oh it's like a fairytale..

Sooo beautiful ;)

Ina ordered our cuppies for makan-makan

Girlish theme as she wished..

Flavor: Vanilla
Filling: Chocolate chip
Topping: Edible picture + Chocolate ganache + Butter cream